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A studies by NAR (National Association of Realtors), reports indicate that more than 75% of buyers of real estate first searched for property on the Internet. If you want global exposure for your listings, please consider us for your Sarasota realtors.

If you have questions about listing your real estate for sale in Sarasota or other questions that are not covered in the information below, please email me.

Our marketing plan focuses on new real estate marketing techniques in addition to traditional print advertising. According to "Sarasota Realtor Magazine's" December 2005 issue, online advertising is replacing traditional newspaper ads, virtual tours are replacing paper brochures, and e-mail correspondence is replacing paper thank-you cards.

We offer still photography, virtual tours, e-postcard mailings to our sphere and past clients, broadcast emails to agents in Sarasota and surrounding areas in our marketing package. Our slogan: "get online!" Ask us for a sample of our broadcast emails

Our online marketing on places on the first page for the most frequently searched terms sought by Buyers: Sarasota Real Estate, Sarasota Home, Sarasota condo for sale, etc. on Google and most other search engines.

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We offer multiple web sites online targeting Sarasota's keywords for advertising and positioning your property worldwide! In addition we now have lifestyle and area blogs.

Our Sarasota Lifestyle and Area News Blogs

Our blogs give you market updates and fun information about the happenings in our great coastal community.

Sarasota Real Estate News Blog
Sarasota Waterfront Real Estate

All our websites are listed on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In and Twitter, video and network marketing sites. We do our best  to create even more local/global coverage for our customers.

Our commission schedule is negotiable and if you are unhappy for any reason, notify us in writing and our exclusive right to sell contract will be canceled.

Please give us a call at 941-504-3922, fill out the form above or e-mail us if you would like an appointment for our full marketing presentation.