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Sarasota Real Estate Sales Once Again Top 1,000 - October 2014

Sarasota Real Estate Sales Top 1,000 Again

Cresent Beach, Siesta KeyWho wouldn't want to live here? Sarasota, Florida has warm weather, beautiful beaches, cultural venues galore and is a city with an abundance of natural beauty.

According to Sarasota Association of Realtors® latest press release, real estate transactions remain strong. "The season is only just beginning, and no one is reporting a holiday slowdown in market activity at this point," said SAR’s President Peter Crowley. "In the past few years, we haven't observed a major drop off in sales in November and December. With the national economy picking up steam, and unemployment still dropping, I'm optimistic we'll continue to see these strong numbers."

October 2014 Sales Activity

  • Total Sales: 1,011...